Is great being amateur

Some say that if you wan’t to excel in photography you should focus in a single discipline, choose the one that best suites you, and stick with it, practice, study, improve it and give the best of you to get the best of it. Let it be portraits, sports, landscapes, street, wedding… Whatever. You name it, just choose one.
Maybe that is a good advice when you plan to go pro, leave your day work and try to make a living from this photography thing…

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Less is more by Enrique Jorreto

But then, here we go those amateur photographers that are not really considering “going pro”. Taking pictures of whatever comes in front of our cameras, with only the pressure that we put on ourselves. Many friends wander around the idea of trying to give “the step”, to earn some extra cash with their pictures, and while trying to sell some pictures or getting a small gig or two can actually improve our photographic skills I think we amateurs have a great extra lens in our bags:

We can fail. And that’s ok.

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Strength by Enrique Jorreto

Sure pros can fail to, and sure they do, but the possible consequences of those failures in your income, your client’s wedding day, your future opportunities, might keep you from taking some risks. from exploring other possibilities, or from doing this or that just for the sake of it.
Spending some time doing landscapes, trying micro stock for a while, walking down the city and tasting street photography, or going minimal when you simply feel like it. Being able to change, to try, to take our time to find our sweet spot, is simply priceless (and that is, for some reason, so easy to forget).

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Hayedo by Enrique Jorreto

Of course we all dream from time to time to open the door and find someone wanting to pay us from some of our pictures, but we should not underestimate the power of failure, all the lessons that we get from it, from experimentation. Without risking our support or our family’s. It’s hard to resist when the phone rings and money calls, but you cannot walk half the way, so there’s no shame in not taking it and stay being “just” an amateur. There is more than money in the deal of going pro.
So, you that can afford it. Do fail. There’s nothing to worry about and a lot to learn back.
Is great being amateur. Enjoy it!

– Enrique –

P.S: I’m sure is great being Pro too. I’ll let you tell about it.