Print your pictures

Few days ago, Ana sent me a link to a page titled 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Home, you should go and read it later, but I’ll sum up for you here, as it has a relation with photography:

  • Let in light.
  • Dim down at night.
  • Frame your loved ones.
  • Simplify.
  • Add nature.

They all are great advices, but I’ll focus this time in the third one: Frame your loved ones. Sure we take a lot of pictures, and maybe we keep them all as precious treasures in our hard drives and have a look there from time to time. But I’m afraid no retina display can surpass a printed photograph. I’m not sure what is it, maybe the paper brings back memories of other time, and while I’m without a doubt a digital guy and I don’t print a lot, lately I’m finding myself printing some pictures just to have them in paper, hang them in the walls at home or giving them as birthday gifts (that I found might be the best presents I can proudly give).

I can remember most of my pictures so far, but seeing everyday that lovely picture of Ana, the diptych of that amazing pool we found in Tenerife and some of the travel to Japan years ago, make them more present to me, and do absolutely de-stress our home.

I believe that printing our pictures and enjoying them every day has a therapeutic effect in how we appreciate life and the pictures we took along the way. So, a couple of weeks ago I ordered a Gelaskin, a vinyl decal to protect and personalize my mobile phone. And chose for it this picture of a recent trip to Navarra: The “Selva de Irati”, an amazing beech forest close to the Pyrenees:

Selva de Irati

(Check it out in my 500px profile, where you can buy a high-quality big print if you wish.)

I got my Gelaskin today in the mailbox, and this is the result (I won’t be using the front stickers, those are from the back side). How cool is that?


This is the second Gelaskin that I own and love, they are easy to place and remove, durable and absolutely cool. Yes, you want one.

Try it, print some pictures, hang them in your house, give some to your friends, send me one, design some business cards or stick them in your gadgets!