Wandering London

Here I am, back in London a few years later. Came for the Popup GPPLondon, a series of Masterclasses with (in order of appearance) Joe McNally, David Hobby (aka The Strobist), Zack Arias and Gregory Heisler.

The point of coming here to London for this is not learning that much about “How” but better about “Why”. There are tons of info in the Internet about how to use this light or that modifier, but not so much about why using them, or not!

So, here we go, learning from the roots. Live.

Anyway, yesterday I spent the day wandering around the city, taking alternative routes and making it easy with my actually-can’t-stop-thinking-too-much mind. And yes, while I was not pretending making pictures, I took the camera with me. I’ll hopefully write about the GPPLondon experience in a later post, but tonight I’ll drop here a few bits of the things I couldn’t avoid taking pictures of.

London Bridge:

Lady in Black by the Thames:

The Shard:

Tower Bridge Instagram:

That’s it for today, more to come.

#GPPLondon day 2 tomorrow, I’ll be on Zack and Gregory. And will get a new set of cards from Moo, so if you spot me there ask me for one!