Get social

As you probably can imagine, the #GPPLondon event was very intense, traveling to London for the weekend, meeting in person those guys that you admire and learn from everyday in the Internet, having great fun attending to masterclasses, hanging out with other photographers… You know, sometimes being a photographer is such a hard job…

Anyway, a great incentive to go there was meeting other fellow photographers, finding out how they manage their craft and business, how they face the challenges that being a photographer (amateur or pro) bring to you. I was quite surprised finding that barely only one third of the audience were full-time professionals, most people there were amateurs or part-time photographers. I had the chance to meet people from Sweden, Iran, United Arab Emirates, United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, several parts in the United Kingdom, Japan…


You talk for a while with one and another, in the queue waiting for something, in between classes, having a drink in the pub (the people from GPP arranged a mixer to make things easier), etc… Maybe a short talk about how hard is charging a client when you are not sure enough about your skills and your ability to guarantee a good result, or about how they gave the step to go pro after losing their day-job, or about how our vision has changed attending the #GPPLondon… Even more surprising, there was not a lot of discussion about gear, mostly about the crappy gear that Zack Arias was using in his speech 😀

If there’s something I had learned well before the #GPPLondon from Chase, David, Zack and quite a few others, and something that Joe McNally talked about in his speech, is that there is no secret, only hard work. It’s not about the equipment, it’s not about the postprocessing, and of course is not that hard to balance a flash with ambient light… So, if there is no secret… Why not sharing what we know? What we learned along the way?

So, get social. Design cool business cards and give them to other photographers, stay in touch and share the journey. You will get back much more than you ever expected. I’m sure that if you ask David, Zack, Joe or Greg they would agree.

So, this is my new set of cards (that in fact the nice folks from Moo sent us for free to the #GPPLondon), bring yours next time we meet and we will exchange secrets.