Shoot for yourself

A huge bite of wisdom that we got in the GPPLondon from Joe McNally and David Hobby is that you have to have faith in the process, work your ideas, let them evolve. Some might not look like The Idea at first, but could actually become The Idea with time and work, and while some will reveal finally as good ideas, some others will not.

But this process takes time, a good amount of patience, and more often than not, failing. Things you could not afford when you are shooting exclusively for others, for clients, for colleagues, or for the judges in a contest. Spending too much time satisfying other’s needs may lead you to stay on the safe side, to discard some ideas for not looking good enough at the moment you need them.

So keep some time for your own projects, and just shoot for yourself from time to time. As shooting for yourself tell you who you are.