What have you been doing?

The Winter is coming ™, so it’s time to build a miniature, start a collection, knit a scarf or better a Captain Capacitor and, of course, take some pictures!!

I’ve been quite busy those past weeks with several projects:

Shooting some arrows and taking pictures and videos with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition (oh-yeah!). This babe records video at 240fps, so you can get nice slow motion shots, just enough to capture the bending of the arrow as it leaves the bow, a well known effect among archers not that often seen in pictures or video. How cool is that?


I’ve been also assisting my friend Lucía in a family session, we got the studio, we placed the lights, and the kids made their thing, posing sometimes, crying some others, laughs, runs, jumps, hair yanks, wrestling with dad… You know. We kept the lights simple, as the kids wouldn’t stay still in a spot for a second, so we chose to stay safe and have plenty of light, to have some space for when the boys start crawling around. Lucía did great with the pictures and hopefully we’ll see some online soon.


I’ve been also with the friends of the Agrupación Fotográfica de Guadalajara in the Hayedo de la Tejera Negra, an outstanding beech forest in the north of Guadalajara. Although the fall is coming late this year, and the leaves are not yet in those characteristic red, yellow and orange tones, we had a good day and took a picture or two. Thanks to Manuel Torres for sending this one of me.


I have plenty of ideas yet in the “someday” list, so I expect this winter to be quite active. Do you have any photo projects for the coming months?