Nothing great here to photograph

God knows I don’t precisely live in Hong Kong, so it’s kind of easy to fall in that “there’s nothing great here to photograph”, or “I don’t improve in my craft because there’s nothing great here to photograph” or even “did I say that this place sucks (because there’s nothing great here to photograph)?”.

Well, I guess even the people of Hong Kong do feel this way at some point, but it’s true that it seems to be harder to find a good photo subject round here. But hey! Rise and shine, maybe you don’t live in a gorgeous city, but your possibilities to get a great picture increase dramatically if you stop pixel peeping your archives, move your ass from the couch and actually DO something!

Easy to say, not so easy to do.

So there we went, met some friends for a hike to the Pico Ocejón, a humble 2040m height little mountain where I go at least twice every year, and never find it the same way. The light there is always different, you can find a dense fog or the sunniest day, snow to your hips and heavy icy winds, or stone and heat in the summer, and a great hike under the full moon I must say. Easy to climb but hard enough to be a great experience for mountain newbies…

Being said that I don’t find myself as a landscape photographer, I enjoyed quite a lot taking pictures along the way. Most of the time immersed in a low cloud, the light in there was kind of heavy, completely changing the colors of the forest as the sun and the fog moved throughout the day.

Even when you could barely see a few meters away because of the cloud, we got to the top in a freezing wind, spent the day with friends and finally enjoyed a well deserved rest (and pizza!). Ah, and took a couple of pictures too: