Up and beyond

Time ago I read somewhere that climbing mountains is an animal thing, not made for human beings. That can not be true, as no animal goes where we go, nor for the reasons we go there.

Each one will have it’s own reasons to do it, to take the sacrifice and the risk, and to walk that great path of self-learning.

It’s barely a month since I started climbing rock walls and from the bunch of intense feelings that it has produced me in this short period of time, I’m most surprised of how wrapped up you are while climbing, how focused you have to be measuring each movement to get to the next one without falling, without failing.

Countless chat hours are growing from this, and maybe a photography project or two, but today I’d like to share a quote that we talked about while returning from the rocks: “You go, or you don’t go, but you cannot half-go”. Write that in your climbing helmet, your camera strap, or in your desktop at work, the rock will be there whatever you choose, it’s all up to you.

Be brave and wise, measure the risks and measure yourself, and if you choose to go… Go!

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