My #creativejuly 2014

Here it goes, the 31 pictures of my Creativejuly, the game I started six years ago (yeah!) that simply consists in taking a picture with your mobile phone each day of July an sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #creativejuly, just for working our creativity and for the pleasure of sharing.

This year’s pictures have been somehow strange for me, with a lot of pictures with dark background, not so common in my style. But I did’t want to force some kind of photographs, a theme for the whole month or color, just let it flow and see how it ends. This July has been intense in many aspects in my life, and I guess that’s shown in my pictures, absorbing work days that only leave the night to relax and take some pictures at home or wandering around in the city, routine only broken by those climbing days that are giving me so many great experiences.

I’m working in a gallery to show together all the pictures of the more than 75 players of this year, and will edit a book like in 2013… Meanwhile you can get a preview of my pictures here, or check my mobile phone photography blog in Tumblr.