Resting in Cíes

A few days camping in the Islas Cíes National Park give you some time to relax, read a climbing book, get a nice tan, trek, dive or row in a sea kayak and, why not, take a couple of pictures here and there.

While the main islands are not too big and you cannot wander around out of the marked paths (as this is a protected region due to the rich biodiversity found there) there are indeed some good spots to take pictures, even for a not-really-a-landscape-photographer like me. You might need to wake up early or stay up late though, as too many people get there everyday on the ships.

Playa Figueiras:



Sunset rocks from the bridge:



The Milky Way from Playa de Nosa Señora:


Good misty morning in Playa de Rodas:


More to come…