Dreaming is good. Doing is better.

The last few months have probably been the less active photographically speaking in some years, but the most active in some other aspects in life. Of course I miss taking pictures, but have been so busy doing some other things and being more than a spectator, what being a photographer had somehow become. Photography is not out of my life anyway, it is in fact very present just in other ways that being behind the camera…

Today I want to share some pictures I took a few years ago. I remember perfectly that night, how I enjoyed watching that kids doing tricks with the skateboards and taking those pictures… I never managed to make a simple Ollie with the board, but instead I got to do some cool jumps with my inline skates. So a good lesson for life, you can do anything, but not everything.

Mastery takes time, effort and passion, and sometimes you have those for some things and not for others, and that’s fine, just enjoy and do things.