My #creativejuly 2014

My #creativejuly 2014

Here it goes, the 31 pictures of my Creativejuly, the game I started six years ago (yeah!) that simply consists in taking a picture with your mobile phone each day of July an sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #creativejuly, just for working our creativity and for the pleasure of sharing.

This year’s pictures have been somehow strange for me, with a lot of pictures with dark background, not so common in my style. But I did’t want to force some kind of photographs, a theme for the whole month or color, just let it flow and see how it ends. This July has been intense in many aspects in my life, and I guess that’s shown in my pictures, absorbing work days that only leave the night to relax and take some pictures at home or wandering around in the city, routine only broken by those climbing days that are giving me so many great experiences.

I’m working in a gallery to show together all the pictures of the more than 75 players of this year, and will edit a book like in 2013… Meanwhile you can get a preview of my pictures here, or check my mobile phone photography blog in Tumblr.


It always takes something

It always takes something

No matter how confortable you are in your couch. Unless you have a really huge living room you will have to move you ass feet to take some pictures. And while some are easier to get than others, they all take something.

You want that amazing sunrise? You wake up really early. You want the best place in the X games? You get there soon. You want the perfect wedding pictures? You go there the day before and do some tests. You want to timelapse the sunset? You stay up late (yes, even if you have to wake up really early tomorrow).

And that’s it. It always takes something, you choose if you are willing to give it.

You want to hike the Ocejón during a Full Moon night with some friends and wait for the sunrise on the top?

What is stopping you?




Work with others. Work for others.

Work with others. Work for others.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of collaborating with friends for creative projects.

Yes, growing your very own idea and defining all the little details that turn it into a project and finally into a picture, video or whatever, is highly satisfying. But I often find that sharing the process with other people, mixing your mojos, negotiating about what goes in and what won’t make it, wandering about crazy ideas and trusting your partners to guide you to The Best Project Ever ™ is something absolutely rewarding that will not only bring you great results, but will also enrich you in a way that you just cannot get alone.

This year is being great for me collaborating with people. I’ve worked in a coupe of projects with a very different nature: A personal photo project and a commercial video.


It’s odd that my best pictures of this year are not even mine, although there’s absolutely a lot of myself in them. I learned a lot about the creative process and deeply enjoyed going wherever it takes to get the pictures we imagined. Working with such a commitment and intensity set a new standard in what I want my photo projects to be.

On the other side, I managed the video project with a different approach, capturing the requirements from the client and translating them into a short commercial video that helped him in his new website was the challenge there. For sure a less flexible way of thinking than in a personal project, but of the highest importance when you work for someone, serving your client to get the job done, helping him reaching his goals the best you can.

The website went online a couple of days ago, it’s the printing business Dacarprint of a friend of mine, and you can see the video we produced here:

Up and beyond

Up and beyond

Time ago I read somewhere that climbing mountains is an animal thing, not made for human beings. That can not be true, as no animal goes where we go, nor for the reasons we go there.

Each one will have it’s own reasons to do it, to take the sacrifice and the risk, and to walk that great path of self-learning.

It’s barely a month since I started climbing rock walls and from the bunch of intense feelings that it has produced me in this short period of time, I’m most surprised of how wrapped up you are while climbing, how focused you have to be measuring each movement to get to the next one without falling, without failing.

Countless chat hours are growing from this, and maybe a photography project or two, but today I’d like to share a quote that we talked about while returning from the rocks: “You go, or you don’t go, but you cannot half-go”. Write that in your climbing helmet, your camera strap, or in your desktop at work, the rock will be there whatever you choose, it’s all up to you.

Be brave and wise, measure the risks and measure yourself, and if you choose to go… Go!

El delfín:
Rodellar Delfín

Objetivo M (6b+):
Objetivo M 6b+

Fanthkes o Panthere (7a):
Fanthkes o Panthere

Lucía’s dance:
Lucía's dance

Javi rocks:
Javi rocks

Alfonso & Roxy:
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Próximo curso de Lightroom

Próximo curso de Lightroom

Por si se os ha pasado la noticia en la web de la Agrupación Fotográfica de Guadalajara. El próximo fin de semana (5 y 6 de Abril de 2014) estaré por allí impartiendo un curso de Lightroom 5.3, uno de los programas de referencia para catalogación y procesado de fotografías digitales, imprescindible en el día a día de los fotógrafos digitales.

En el curso cubriremos el flujo completo orientado a fotógrafos, desde la importación de los negativos digitales hasta la exportación final de las imágenes terminadas. Aquí os dejo el cartel del curso, aún quedan plazas, así que si estáis interesados no dejéis de pasar por la web de la af/G para más información.