#12horas12fotos 22/2

#12horas12fotos 22/2

Vamos allá de nuevo! El sábado 22 de Febrero de 2014 vamos a jugar de nuevo al #12horas12fotos. Un juego que organizo de vez en cuando a través de Twitter que consiste en lo siguiente:

– Hay que hacer una foto con el móvil cada hora, durante 12 horas y compartirla en Twitter con el hashtag #12horas12fotos.
– Hay que tener cuenta en Twitter, claro. Podéis subir las fotos donde queráis, siempre que las compartáis luego también en Twitter.
– Cada uno empieza a la hora que quiera, y a partir de ahí, una foto cada hora.
– No pasa nada si fallas una hora, no hay que rajarse por eso.
– No hay premios, es por amor al arte. Compartir es vivir.
– Se pueden usar filtros, instagrams, etc, etc, etc… Pero sólo desde el móvil.
– Es un ejercicio de creatividad, es intenso y muy divertido.

Por supuesto podéis compartirlo con vuestros amigos, familiares, compañeros, mascotas, etc… Animaos!!

Podéis dejar cualquier pregunta en los comentarios o a través de mi twitter: @enriquejorreto. Aquí os dejo mis 12 fotos de la edición de Junio de 2013.


Here we go again! On February 22nd, saturday, we will be playing again #12horas12fotos (that would be #12hours12photos). A game I run from time to time through Twitter with the following rules:

– You have to take a picture with your mobile phone every hour, for 12 hours, and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #12horas12fotos.
– Yes, you have to have a Twitter account. You can upload the pictures wherever you want, while you share them on Twitter too.
– You choose the hour to start, from there take a picture every hour.
– No problem if you fail for one hour, don’t need to stop playing.
– There are no prices, it’s just for sharing. Sharing is living.
– You can use filters, instagrams, whatever, etc… But only in your mobile.
– It’s a creativity game, intense and very fun.

Of course you can share this with your friends, family, pets, etc… Come and join us!!

Above are my 12 picture from the June 2013 edition.

You can leave any question down there in the comments or through my twitter: @enriquejorreto

Composition rules

Composition rules

I don’t think too much about composition rules when taking pictures. In fact I only studied them with some intention when I went to teach in a “Photography for beginners” course. But it seems that when I don’t try to get a specific picture I end taking ones that look somehow similar. That might mean two things:

– I’m actually developing my own style in photography. Good!
– I don’t know how to take other kind of pictures. Bad!

I won’t choose one of those options today, but better I’ll share with you a few more images from our recent hike to Pico Ocejón.

Just remember that rules, or cameras, don’t take pictures. We do.






Nothing great here to photograph

Nothing great here to photograph

God knows I don’t precisely live in Hong Kong, so it’s kind of easy to fall in that “there’s nothing great here to photograph”, or “I don’t improve in my craft because there’s nothing great here to photograph” or even “did I say that this place sucks (because there’s nothing great here to photograph)?”.

Well, I guess even the people of Hong Kong do feel this way at some point, but it’s true that it seems to be harder to find a good photo subject round here. But hey! Rise and shine, maybe you don’t live in a gorgeous city, but your possibilities to get a great picture increase dramatically if you stop pixel peeping your archives, move your ass from the couch and actually DO something!

Easy to say, not so easy to do.

So there we went, met some friends for a hike to the Pico Ocejón, a humble 2040m height little mountain where I go at least twice every year, and never find it the same way. The light there is always different, you can find a dense fog or the sunniest day, snow to your hips and heavy icy winds, or stone and heat in the summer, and a great hike under the full moon I must say. Easy to climb but hard enough to be a great experience for mountain newbies…

Being said that I don’t find myself as a landscape photographer, I enjoyed quite a lot taking pictures along the way. Most of the time immersed in a low cloud, the light in there was kind of heavy, completely changing the colors of the forest as the sun and the fog moved throughout the day.

Even when you could barely see a few meters away because of the cloud, we got to the top in a freezing wind, spent the day with friends and finally enjoyed a well deserved rest (and pizza!). Ah, and took a couple of pictures too:





Keep pushing

Keep pushing

I don’t really have a list of ‘Projects for the New Year’. But as 2013 is nearly over, I would like to share a few words with you today, in case someone out there is reading and can find them useful…

The year is gone. Bye bye. We won’t be missing it. But as good as it would be thinking that 2014 is going to be better, we have to be aware that it won’t be. Or at least it won’t be better just by itself, or by repeating a thousand times on TV that the monster is gone, that everything will be fine.

No. It won’t.

The bar is never going lower, so if you want to win you will have to jump higher. That’s it, like it or not. Keep pushing. Fly higher. The only way to break the limits, to find how far you can go, is to keep pushing, fly upside down, do the never done. And let’s see what happens… You might crash anyway, but at least you saw the world from another point of view, and waiting forever in the departure gate never took anyone anywhere.

So. Keep pushing in 2014. See you after the jump.

Upside down
Enrique Jorreto

Going slow (and shooting some arrows)

Going slow (and shooting some arrows)

It had to happen, as soon as I could put my hands in one of those super-cool GoPro cameras, and see what they can do recording at 240fps (that is, slow motion, 10 times slower than normal videos)… I knew it, we had to shoot some archery footage!!


So there we go, took some friends to the field and shot some arrows to the classic apple. Being the camera so small and light allows you to tape it everywhere, at the end of the stabilizer or right over your head. Soooo cool. You can even see how the arrow bends when leaving the bow (more about this here)

Stay tuned, we will absolutely record more videos like this!!