What have you been doing?

What have you been doing?

The Winter is coming ™, so it’s time to build a miniature, start a collection, knit a scarf or better a Captain Capacitor and, of course, take some pictures!!

I’ve been quite busy those past weeks with several projects:

Shooting some arrows and taking pictures and videos with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition (oh-yeah!). This babe records video at 240fps, so you can get nice slow motion shots, just enough to capture the bending of the arrow as it leaves the bow, a well known effect among archers not that often seen in pictures or video. How cool is that?


I’ve been also assisting my friend Lucía in a family session, we got the studio, we placed the lights, and the kids made their thing, posing sometimes, crying some others, laughs, runs, jumps, hair yanks, wrestling with dad… You know. We kept the lights simple, as the kids wouldn’t stay still in a spot for a second, so we chose to stay safe and have plenty of light, to have some space for when the boys start crawling around. Lucía did great with the pictures and hopefully we’ll see some online soon.


I’ve been also with the friends of the Agrupación Fotográfica de Guadalajara in the Hayedo de la Tejera Negra, an outstanding beech forest in the north of Guadalajara. Although the fall is coming late this year, and the leaves are not yet in those characteristic red, yellow and orange tones, we had a good day and took a picture or two. Thanks to Manuel Torres for sending this one of me.


I have plenty of ideas yet in the “someday” list, so I expect this winter to be quite active. Do you have any photo projects for the coming months?

Shoot for yourself

Shoot for yourself

A huge bite of wisdom that we got in the GPPLondon from Joe McNally and David Hobby is that you have to have faith in the process, work your ideas, let them evolve. Some might not look like The Idea at first, but could actually become The Idea with time and work, and while some will reveal finally as good ideas, some others will not.

But this process takes time, a good amount of patience, and more often than not, failing. Things you could not afford when you are shooting exclusively for others, for clients, for colleagues, or for the judges in a contest. Spending too much time satisfying other’s needs may lead you to stay on the safe side, to discard some ideas for not looking good enough at the moment you need them.

So keep some time for your own projects, and just shoot for yourself from time to time. As shooting for yourself tell you who you are.




Casual León

Casual León

A few more pictures of the weekend in León, previous post and pictures of the cathedral here.



Taking a rest in La Más Bonita:

Ginger the dove:

Segundo libro del #creativejuly 2013

Segundo libro del #creativejuly 2013

Al fin, ya está disponible la versión más asequible del libro del #creativejuly 2013 en mi librería en Blurb.

El diseño del libro es básicamente el mismo que el de la versión coleccionista (ya no disponible en la librería, pero sí bajo demanda si lo queréis), aunque con calidades más asequibles y una portada más sencilla:

Las características del libro son:

– 120 páginas.
– Tamaño 20×20 cm.
– Tapas blandas impresas.
– Papel fotográfico estándar, 118 g/m2.

El precio de venta es el precio de coste, y si os interesa comprarlo con un 20% de descuento podéis introducir el código de promoción OCTOBER20 hasta el 31 de Octubre.

Pinchad sobre la imagen para ver el libro, podéis revisarlo entero antes de comprarlo, estará disponible durante dos semanas en mi librería. Después, si nadie lo pide desaparecerá de allí, pero puedo volver a subirlo si hay interés.


Hasta el año que viene!



Here in Spain you somehow get used to cathedrals, as we have quite a lot of them, but I must admit that the cathedral of León (aka Pulchra leonina) has surprised me with its beauty. I absolutely prefer gothic than romanesque buildings, how they go higher and higher, with those slim and elegant walls, kept in place by the magic of math more than by the weight of stone…


Glass and stone game.

Let there be light.

The eye.

Up and beyond.

East side.


If you ever come to the North of Spain, don’t forget spending a few days in the Picos de Europa National Park, mountains shared between León, Asturias and Cantabria. Enjoying the landscapes, the food, the friendly people, and of course the impressive Pulchra Leonina.